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Last week I shared the story of one incredible Homegrown Hero, Birke Baehr, a 13-year-old organic famer that’s making a big difference just by asking smart questions. Well, his questions got me thinking a little more about where my food comes from, and this week I’m challenging you to do the same.

Over the next seven days here’s your assignment: go organic. Who knows, once the week is up you might want to stick with it…. Here are five reasons to really give organic food some extra consideration:

1. Organic foods are produced without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Genetically engineered ingredients are now found in 75% of all non-organic U.S. processed foods, even in many products labeled or advertised as “natural.”

2. Organic foods are safe and pure. Organic farming prohibits the use of toxic pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, nano-particles, and climate-destabilizing chemical fertilizers. Consumer Reports has found that 77% of non-organic produce items in the average supermarket contain pesticide residues. The beef industry has acknowledged that 94% of all U.S. beef cattle have hormone implants, which are banned in Europe as a cancer hazard.

3. There’s more humane treatment of animals. Organic farming prohibits intensive confinement and mutilation (debeaking, cutting off tails, etc.) of farm animals.

4. You can expect a higher nutrition value. Organic foods are nutritionally dense compared to foods produced with toxic chemicals, chemical fertilizers, and GMO seeds. Studies show that organic foods contain more vitamins, cancer-fighting anti-oxidants, and important trace minerals.

5. Buying local supports local farmers and small business.

Give it a try for seven days and let me know how your organic challenge goes in the comments below.




Photo Source: Herb n’ Growth

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