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It’s always nice to have a little extra cash. No matter how much you’re hustling or how many jobs you’re working, life has a way of hitting us with surprises, and it’s smart to have some financial cushion to get you through the tougher times. Well, this week I’m challenging you to try out one (or multiple-go big) of the simple saving tricks below.

All of these money-saving tricks are easy to tackle and allow you to save money without taking any funds coming out of your income- sweet deal right?

10 Simple Ways to Save Money

1. Unplug appliances when they’re not in use. Anything that’s plugged in still uses electricity and power used equals a bigger bill for you. Added bonus: you’re helping the environment with this move too.

2. Clean out your closets and the garage… then cash in.

3. Take the extra time to cook at home.

4. Cancel unused club memberships (secret money suck).

5. Cancel unread subscriptions.

6. Carpool (or take the bus/ ride a bike!).

7. Hit the library instead of a book store.

8. Eat out early and enjoy this awesome thing called happy hour.

9. Shop smartly- retailers have specific days that they put out new stock and mark down merchandise, so ask the next time you’re in the store and sync your shopping schedule accordingly.

10. Ditch bottled water. Buying plastic bottled water can add up to thousands a year. Go green, and cheap, with a glass water bottle you can refill.

If you try out any of these tricks let me know in the comments below. And share your money-saving tricks too. Good luck.




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