Ty Pennington's First to the Future Home recap with NextGen (episode 10)
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NextGen | First to the Future in Florida – Building 101

Building 101

Okay, who is ready for another course in Building 101: First to the Future Design. These first episodes of my NextGen project are filled with the facts and stats you need to consider when designing an eco-friendly abode. So even though it may not look too exciting now, the layout and foundation are the most important! And the latest episode is all about the continuous load path…

Load Path

Since continuous load paths provide greater resistance during hurricanes or high winds, this was obviously the best choice for building in Florida. Remember: sustainability is important, but building a storm-resistant home is especially critical with the extreme weather conditions we’re experiencing today. And if you don’t live in Florida, chances are you still have to consider protecting your home from the elements.

Besides that, we’ve been making progress in a bunch of different areas of the home, like this dining table for instance. Pretty high-end, huh?

Ty Pennington's First to the Future Home recap with NextGen (episode 10)

Sage and Vinwinco also performed a killer installation last week. This is teamwork maximizing daylight and supporting sustainability…

Ty Pennington's First to the Future Home recap with NextGen (episode 10)

Pretty heavy stuff right there. If you haven’t been keeping up with the project, you can watch all of the episodes on the NextGen website here: www.nextgenhometv.com

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more episodes and updates!

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