It’s like January, but vegan.

Launched in 2014 in the UK, Veganuary started as a way to get people to try a vegan, or plant-based diet for one month in January. Why? Well for some people it’s based on animal welfare, for some, it’s for their own health, and for others, it’s just because they want to challenge themselves to try something different. So today when I saw Gordon Ramsay tweeting that he was giving it a go, I had to look into it. I mean, after all, this is Gordon Ramsay, right?

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There’s a lot of hype around a plant-based diet. And honestly, I wasn’t sure if this was just another fad. But even a quick search made me realize one thing is for sure: plant-based eating, or a vegan diet, is here to stay and a lot of people feel it’s making a big difference to their health – and even more interesting is how it can affect our planet’s health.

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So I’m going to keep researching, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted here on my site. But for now, here are some interesting people for you to check out as you figure out what works for you. One thing I do know for sure, this isn’t rabbit food and salads. The recipes and options out there are insane – and look amazing!

Rich Roll

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I think he puts the “vegans don’t get enough protein” argument to rest. His podcasts are insanely popular and his cookbooks top the best seller list. His story will inspire you. Check him out at or follow his Instagram here.

The Happy Pear

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I think that these two have more energy than me. Only because there are two of them of course. Brothers David and Stephen Flynn notoriously start their day off with a ‘swimrise‘ in the Irish Sea while getting Ireland (and now the world) to eat more fruit and veg. Their Instagram stories will motivate you to get out of bed in the morning and then have you wanting to make a 5-minute curry before noon – and laughing at their creativity (see below)… They make food fun. I definitely need to get to their cafes one day and join in on that early morning dip.

photo credit: the happy pear

Blue Zones

Dan Buettner started out as a National Geographic explorer looking to document people who live the longest (and healthiest) in the world. What he found were areas now designated as Blue Zones. That research also led to the Power 9 which have become a foundation for people who want to live long and live well. And guess what? One of those 9 was following a plant-based diet. Yep. You can learn more by going to the Blue Zone website, checking out the book here, or following the movement on Instagram.

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So what do you think? Could you do a Veganuary January? Do you have any great ideas or resources for people looking to explore more fruits and vegetable options in their diet? It definitely seems worth looking into, even if you just start with Meatless Mondays.

Ty Pennington

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