Ty Pennington's Top 10 Guitar Tracks #music
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Ty’s Top 10 Guitar Tracks

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It’s been a while since we’ve started the week with some killer tunes, so today I’m pumped to deliver another installment of Music Monday. Last time, we took a tour of my man cave and, if you didn’t notice, it’s filled to the brim with guitars and music-making machines.

Ty Pennington's Top 10 Guitar Tracks #music

So it’s no secret that music has been a huge part of my life, but certain musicians have really paved the way for my inspiration. Keep reading to see my some of my favorites from incredible artists, both past and present…

Ty Pennington's Top 10 Guitar Tracks #music

Inspiration Nation

1. Thee Oh Sees, “Encrypted Bounce” – Insanely good shredding guitars.

2. Nirvana, “Smells like teen spirit” – Those chords made hair bands lose their spandex.

3. Ty Segall, “Goodbye Bread” – Such a catchy hook with layered guitars; really shows you how talented this kid is. The whole record is good; starts melodic and ends up with lots of distortion.

4. Creation, “Making Time” – This is the band that should have been more famous. They were a mod art band that shredded the guitar with a bow, and pretty much inspired The Who! Thanks to Wes Anderson movies, people are hearing them more.

5. The Who, “My Generation ” – Enough said! First lead bass to make you want to break things.

6. Spoon, “My Mathematical Mind” – Opens with a piano acting as a metronome that unleashes a thrashing of strings by what sounds like a bow…

7. Velvet Underground, “What Goes On” – Energetic, inner-city that sounds happily depressed. Loud unapologetic blues by Lou Reed layered with even louder sustained melodic waves of noise by John Cale; the perfect combo.

8. Link Wray, “Rumble” – Reverb crunch at its best, no words needed.

9. The Clash, “White Riot” by The Clash – Perfect blend of angst, punk, pop and political. A true ANTHEM.

10. Sonic Youth, “Cool Thing” or “Daydream Nation” – D-tune a guitar, then shred 2 by playing them with drumsticks. Pop punk at its best!

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