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NextGen | Building a Storm Resistant Home

The newest episode of my NextGen project aired last night and this one is special for a few reasons. First, I’ve met families across the country and I’ve seen towns torn apart by severe storms. Cleaning up after a mess like that isn’t easy. And let’s face it, severe weather is something we all have to deal with now.

Since my NextGen home is in Florida, hurricane and tropical storms are a real threat, so we’re protecting everything from the ground up. Watch the episode below to see how the First to the Future home is storm resistant from the windows to the roof.

The idea of building this house as one solid structure reminds me of the idea of family itself; a single unit working together to help and support everybody. Now what you didn’t see in this episode is how far we’ve come since my last update. Here’s a recent snapshot of our progress.

Ty Pennington's NextGen Storm Resistant Home

What do you think? It’s starting to look like a real house! We still have a long way to go, but follow me on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates and info about the awesome product partners.

Until next time!

Ty Pennington

Ty Pennington is best known as the Emmy-award winning host of "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" and as the co-host of ABC Daytime's "The Revolution." He has been recognized as a home design expert, carpenter and leader in the field of volunteerism. TyPennington.com is a space to share his inspiration, design tips, daily musings and more. Ty can currently be seen on TLC's Trading Spaces.

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