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Ty’s Take | 5 Signs of ADHD

Happy ADHD Awareness month everyone! I’ve already told you a little about my experience with ADHD, but to commence this incredible month of understanding, I wanted to share some things that parents can look for when assessing whether or not their child has ADHD. Take a look at some of my personal experiences below:

1. Lack of attention
If your child seems inattentive during conversation, make careless mistakes, has a hard time following instruction or completing a simple task like homework or chores, these might be signs of ADHD.

2. Hyperactivity
Even though a lot of kids seem hyper, if a child can’t stand still and fidgets back and forth constantly – even when alone – these are all signs. Getting up when asked to sit down, running around naked, swinging from the blinds and playing “stunt man” from high elevations are also symptoms (from personal experience).

3. Impulsiveness
Can be fun, but also dangerous. Blurting out answers before the question has been fully asked. Leaping before looking. Doing before thinking. Riding a tricycle into rush hour traffic… helmet is required.

4. Easily distracted
Starting a project/task and then stopping to start another, then finding another and never quite finishing the first, second or third distraction is tough. Also, telling a story and jumping to another before the story or sentence is finished. For example, look big shiny object…

5. Inconsistent
Where was I again? Look for inconsistency in your child’s grades, class participation, homework, relationships, jobs, etc. Sadly, this can have a huge impact on somebody’s happiness and self worth.

These are only symptoms of ADHD but with the right treatment, there can be some very positive results. I think I’m a good example of that, what do you think?

Do you know any signs of ADHD you can share? Share your thoughts in the comments.

And be sure to check out CHADD’s #ADHDAwareness Campaign this month. I’m on board! For more information visit www.chadd.org/Support/ADHD-Awareness-Month

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