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Ok. I don’t think you can get a grasp of just how bad the effects of Sandy are unless you see it in person. I talked to my friends at SEARS who have been bringing food and supplies to the distributors in the Tri State area, and we filled up a truck at the KMART in Toms River with water, blankets, batteries, socks, jackets, etc. to give to so many displaced families.

We were turned away at the bridge and told that the barrier islands were deemed unlivable and everyone had been evacuated to temporary shelters at local schools. So that’s where we delivered the much needed supplies and saw firsthand how bad the situation really was.

I met so many people who had lost everything and truly don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I met a couple who showed me the remains of their house that was completely ruined by the tidal surge. Their kids’ toys were found at houses literally blocks away. Boats, cars, dog houses… all gone. The toughest thing was seeing them breakdown because they don’t want their kids to see their ruined home because it would change how they remember it.

I also met first responders who have been going non-stop for 7 days helping so many when they themselves have lost their own homes because of Sandy. The smell of chemicals and gasoline were everywhere. What I did see though was not just towns and people in ruin; I also witnessed communities coming together to give each other whatever they needed. People who have lost so much but are still giving whatever they can to others who are in shock and fear of not knowing what’s next. They were giving each other the gift of hope, which in these circumstances is a precious commodity.

Take a look at my trip below and check out this video to see how you can help the victims of the Sandy hurricane.

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Check out my Facebook album for more photos from this unbelievable experience. Wishing the families well during such hard times…

Ty Pennington

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