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Spotlight | The Look of Lattice

From Moroccan to Medieval, lattice, both the structure and the print have always been one of my favourites. Designers from Kelly Wearstler to Jonathan Adler have been using lattice in their designs for years. It is a look that always adds a fresh, modern touch to any space and can be used in a number of ways.

I’ve outlined my top favourite ways to use lattice below. I hope they inspire you!!

1. Wrap a drum shade with lattice wallpaper, and for extra fun, spray paint the interior of the lampshade with shimmery gold or silver.

The Look of Lattice | Janette Ewen

2. Make a lattice throw blanket. Using ribbon, weave a lattice pattern onto a cotton cloth backing using two complementary colours or a rainbow palette.

3. Stamp a Moroccan inspired lattice print onto your bedroom wall. Consider using a bold colour like Kelly Green.

The Look of Lattice | Janette Ewen

4. Too much open space? Divide a room with a lattice structure. Light will be allowed to travel through so you won’t feel closed off, but it will give an open space definition.

The Look of Lattice | Janette Ewen

5. Create an outdoor garden wall using inexpensive lattice from the hardware store. Paint it crisp white and consider adding a few mirrors or pictures to create an outdoor room feel.

The Look of Lattice | Janette Ewen

6. Shop for a lattice rug in a fun colour like red or yellow. It will immediately make your room look fresh and modern.

The Look of Lattice | Janette Ewen

7. If you feel that you have too much of  “one” look in a room, consider incorporating some lattice furniture like a side or coffee table. The look is so neutral it will work with any style of furniture.

The Look of Lattice | Janette Ewen

What’s your favourite way to use lattice?

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Photo Source: Meubles Qualité CanadaKelly Wearstler, BHG, Etsy

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