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Finance | The Dos and Don’ts When Applying for a Mortgage

You want your mortgage process to go as smoothly as possible – here’s how to make that happen.

Applying for a new home loan can be a stressful time. There are so many steps to take, types of paperwork to gather, and preparations that need to be done. But are there certain things you can do that will help make your home purchase or refinance go more smoothly? The answer is yes! There are plenty of things you should and shouldn’t do when applying for a mortgage that will help prevent delays during the process. Let’s take a look at some of them:


  • Stay in your current home or apartment
  • Continue to stay current in making your rent or home loan payments
  • Continue using your credit as normal and stay current with monthly payments on all your existing accounts
  • Stay working at your current job
  • Maintain the same insurance company(ies)


  • Begin any home improvement projects (including buying new furniture), especially if you are looking to refinance your current mortgage
  • Apply for, open, close, max out, or pay off any credit card accounts
  • Make a major purchase (including a car, boat, jewelry, or opening a new gym membership or cell phone account)
  • Consolidate your debt onto one or two credit cards
  • Change bank accounts or transfer any balances from one account to another

The Dos and Don’ts When Applying for a Mortgage by Guaranteed Rate

The bottom line is to maintain a consistent financial profile. You don’t want to raise any red flags that your financial and spending history is not an accurate representation of the type of borrower that you really are. For more tips about how to have a smooth and successful mortgage process, follow us here, or download our free e-book: “Demystifying The Mortgage Process

Nicole Gates

Written by Nicole Gates, Guaranteed Rate’s Social Media Manager and Copywriter. Guaranteed Rate is the 8th largest retail mortgage company in the US and is Revolutionizing Life’s Biggest Purchase by offering industry-leading self-service tools, low rate, low fee mortgages through an easy-to-understand process and unparalleled customer service.

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