Style Your Home: Finishing Touches that MAKE a Space by Janette Ewen

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I always call the finishing touches of a home the icing on the cake. All those little accessories, books and trinkets can really make a space. In my homes (I have two spaces, one in Toronto and a tiny one in Santa Monica)… I use accessories to make sure my personality is reflected in the design.

Style Your Home: Finishing Touches that MAKE a Space by Janette Ewen

Consider this the “styling” of your home. It gives any space a really polished look. To help you get a “finished” look in your home I put together a few tips, enjoy!

Style Your Home: Finishing Touches that MAKE a Space by Janette Ewen

– Choose a destination and or theme and run with it. People are more likely to remember a space or display that has character and is unique. Pick something that inspires you and create an entire set based on your selection.

– Fashion always works as a décor starting point, think about using a fashion trend as the basis for your interior styling. And don’t stop there, use a Judy (fashion dress form) outfitted in the “inspiration” attire to complete the look of your home (I’d place the Judy in a bedroom or casual living space).

– When shopping for styling accessories check out crafts stores (Michael’s is a great resource), gift and packing wholesalers, Dollar stores, vintage stores, auctions (especially rural ones) and Value Village. You will be shocked at what you will find and you won’t break the bank

– When styling your home be sure to capture elements that inspire you. Do some research on your inspiration prior to shopping. For added inspiration check out sites like  and

How do you put the finishing touches on your home? Share your styling tips below.

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