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Whether you’re into a good scare or not, sometimes you can’t help but listen in on a spooky story…or maybe that’s just me.

America is chock-full of haunted history, especially when it comes to its buildings. From hotel rooms to estates, there are some seriously creepy tales of ghosts and spirits roaming among us.

If you’re looking for some chilling goose bumps, check out this list of spooky spaces:

Ty Pennington | Haunted Buildings in America

The Chelsea Hotel – NYC, NY

Built in 1884, this hotel is known to be one of the most haunted places in New York City.  Over the years, the hotel has been home and host to many famous writers, musicians and artists, including Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Patti Smith and many others. One of the most notable deaths in the hotel was that of poet Dylan Thomas. Many have claimed to see Thomas’ face around the hotel, especially near his previous room (stay away from 206).

Ty Pennington | Haunted Buildings in America

The White House – Washington, DC

Imagine running into Lincoln and FDR during your White House tour? Believe it or not, several White House staffers and visitors have reported seeing spirits/ghosts of previous presidents and dignitaries roaming the halls. Talk about a political nightmare!

Ty Pennington | Haunted Buildings in America

The Myrtles Plantation – St. Francisville, LA

Even with the moniker as “one of the most haunted houses in America”, The Myrtles Plantation is a gorgeous piece of architecture set in St. Francisville, Louisiana. The more than 200-year-old house has quite the history of death and murder, and along with that, its fair share of “haunting.” Visitors and residents alike have claimed to have seen furniture moving on its own, pianos playing by itself and people disappearing from photographs.

Ty Pennington | Haunted Buildings in America

Franklin Castle – Cleveland, OH

With a long history of rumored hauntings, Cleveland’s Franklin Castle can’t seem to hold on to a tenant for too long. It’s been reported that the original owner, Hannes Tidemann, committed the murder of his niece and mistress in the house, and has forever left the mansion haunted with children crying and a veiled woman in the window.

Ty Pennington | Haunted Buildings in America

Pittock Mansion – Portland, OR

The site of two deaths, a political scandal, a slasher flick and a Madonna movie, The Pittock Mansion has seen it’s fair share of scary. But it’s the reported sightings of a walking pair of boots, floating ladies, self-opening windows and a tree with a face that make this mansion a haunted house.

Ty Pennington | Haunted Buildings in America

Curran Theater – San Francisco, CA

It’s like something you’d watch on the stages on Broadway, but some patrons have reported seeing the ghost of the murdered ticket taker from the 1930’s robbery in the mirrors lining the theater’s hallway. The show must go on…for eternity apparently.


Are you fascinated by haunted spaces?  Share your favorite haunts with us in the comments.


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