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If you live in a condominium or apartment, you may not have the outdoor space normally associated with gardening. But I’m here to tell you…that’s no reason to deprive yourself of a little Mother Nature. Bringing life into a small space just means you have to learn the tricks of container gardening. Keep reading for some quick tips to help grow your (small) green thumb…

First, get containers with drainage holes. You can cover the holes with window screen so the soil doesn’t leak out. Then, combine the containers on the ground with plants hanging overhead or on the side of balconies. A good choice for hanging is wire baskets lined with moss.

Small space tips: Container Gardening | Ty Pennington

Now, for those of you who’ve never grown anything, here’s a big surprise: plants need soil! A good choice for container gardening – and something that also saves space – is soil-less potting mix (learn how to make your own on BHG here). It’s packaged dry so you just add water when you’re ready to go. And when your PLANTS are ready, you won’t be able to contain your enthusiasm!

Now, you’ve got to try and make something grow! But grow what? How? I might kill it! What if it doesn’t like me? Do I have to talk to it? Ah, the pressure!

Small space tips: Container Gardening | Ty Pennington

Well, settle down people… deep breaths. I suggest you start with some annuals. Go to your garden center and ask for plants with long blooming periods. And pick shorter plants since tall plants often need staking.

Small space tips: Container Gardening | Ty Pennington

If you choose perennials – those are plants that last more than one season – grow them in pots that you can move inside when it turns cold. Whatever you decide to grow… it won’t if don’t keep it watered! Containers dry out quickly especially in hot weather. So, get your own version of Green Acres going at your home with container gardening. It may not be farm living…but it certainly looks good!

Do you have any tips for container gardens? Share them below!


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