Ty's Tip: Choosing and Testing Paint Colors

Choosing & Testing Paint Colors

Pick a Color, Any Color

Picking a paint color is a process.  So a few weeks ago, I shared some of the differences between paint brushes and paint rollers. Now that you have the basics down, let’s move onto another step in the process; picking your paints and putting them to the test!

Ty's Tip: Choosing and Testing Paint Colors

You have the right to choose who and what’s around you. You’re looking for harmony in your nest, so keep that in mind when choosing your colors. The emotions, moods, and personality that colors bring will surround you every day. Be sure you like them well enough before you commit to a long-term relationship.

If you need help deciding, choose your favorite from the six color swatches below. Just go with your instinct and keep reading to see if your color matches your personality.

Choosing Paint Colors for your Personality | Ty Pennington

Color Me Crazy

RED packs an emotional wallop and symbolizes love, rage, courage and passion. Those who choose red are active and aggressive go-getters. They may be impulsive, and are constantly striving and looking for all the trills that life has to offer.

In it’s brightest tones ORANGE is lively, cheerful and invigorating. When it’s darkened to burnt tones, orange can be exotic. If orange is your choice, you probably have lots of energy, and you like to be social. Family and friends find you agreeable and fun to be with. You are creative, but you aren’t a flake. You like a bit of structure in your life.

YELLOW is the color of joy. It’s the happiest of all colors, and radiates enlightenment, sunlight and spirituality. If this is your favorite, you’re probably smart, imaginative and communicative. You look forward to the future. In other words, you’re a cockeyed optimist.

The color of all nature’s living things, GREEN represents freshness, harmony and peacefulness. Green symbolizes the intense, but quiet power of nature. If you chose green, you like your space to be calm, balanced, restful. You’re affectionate, secure and – like all growing things – good to have on the face of Earth.

Tranquil, cooling, soothing BLUE. It speaks of comfort and serenity. If you chose blue, you have a basic need for a calm, stress-free existence. You’re loyal, conservative and sensitive to others. Your’s calm, cool and collected – in other words, totally cool.

The choice of this regal and luxurious color tells us your a sensual and passionate beast. If you like violets and PURPLES, you are probably one-of-a-kind, oh so sensitive and obviously observant. You love surprises and anything unusual, and you’re likely creative and artistically talented. A complex personality? I think so!

It’s Just Paint

Don’t worry if the description isn’t right on. Keep in mind that each color has tons of different tones and shades that cover even a wider range of personalities and moods. Finding powerful color combinations from the many personalities is the creative part – and it’s fun! And if you can’t figure out what color works with you, check your closet and see what you wear the most. Chances are there’s a color that always ends up on or around you.

So people choose all different kinds of colors for their house, and maybe you’ve decided that you want your bedroom the exact shade of your favorite pair of old faded jeans. Well, the good news is, is that the paint store can probably match it perfectly. But let me just remind you that even perfectly matched paint can look a lot different once it’s on the wall.

Choosing Paint Colors for your Personality | Ty Pennington

Testing, One, Two Testing

It’s a good idea to test the color before you commit to the entire room. And here’s a clever way to do it…

Tape off a large area of the wall, and then paint your color inside that shape.  After it’s dry, hang a picture or mirror, something to make the spot look more finished. Now, live with it that way for a few days, and be sure to see how the paint looks in different lights and at different times of the day.

You’ll be glad you lived with the color first, and in the meantime, just squint and call it art!

Have any paint color or testing tips? Leave them in the comments below. 


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