Go Green: Biophilic Cities and Communities by Ty Pennington
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Biophilic Design

Be Green We’ve all heard of eco-friendly design and different ways to shrink our carbon footprint. I’ve also shared tips for bringing the outdoors into your home, but there are some earth-friendly ideas circulating the design and architecture community that affect each and every one of us. This revolutionary movement was popularized by Harvard University myrmecologist and …

Spiced and Smoked Butt | Summer Eats: Rebecca Lang’s Smoked Barbecue

Rebecca’s Smoked Barbecue

Get Together When it’s summertime, there’s only one way celebrate.  And that means a yard full of family and friends, with a fired-up smoker filled with barbecue. Woodchips, spices, and smoke magically transform a Boston butt into a pitmaster’s dream. Even though families grow and change throughout the years, the celebration and the barbecue always remains the …