Ty Travels to Africa: Tanzanian Dream Photo Gallery


Livin’ the Dream Aaaah life, it’s a mix of celebrating, traveling, fixing the kitchen sink, and just enjoying those unique things that make each of us tick. Here you’ll find my take on all of things, as well as some financial advice – don’t worry, I’ve brought in the experts!  A little bit of this, …


Safar(i), So Good A little while back, I had the good fortune to travel to Tanzania with a group of friends. And while words don’t often escape me, this time I think I will let my photos do the talking.  Click on an image to scroll through – and I hope that you enjoy looking …

Ty Pennington's #vintage vespa


Come Here and I Will Vespa Sweet Nothings in Your Ear… Shhh…do you hear that?  It’s the sweet sound of the iconic Vespa scooter, trilling about town.  While they may have originated in Rome, Venice (California that is) is where I found that having my own Rally was the ideal way to get around.  The …

Ty Pennington | 24 Hours in Chicago


Here’s where you really can get a visual….. whether you like it or not. Check out how Ty builds his own home in Florida TyPenningtonTeleVision…TPTV…get it?   Watch my YouTube Channel – IAmReallyTy   TLC’s Trading Spaces  


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