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NextGen | Ty’s First to the Future Progress Report

Welcome Back! Time to get back to the sunshine state aka my First to the Future home. So much progress has been made since demolition day. Check out the latest episode below to see where we’re at… It’s finally starting to take shape and really look like a home, but we still have a long way to …

Ty Pennington for Pencils of Promise | Bienvenidos a Clase: La Independencia, Guatemala

Inspiration | Pencils of Promise – Bienvenidos a Clase: La Independencia, Guatemala

Hey everybody, I’m really excited to share this next update on the Pencils of Promise school fundraiser. With your help and donations, we were able to build to raise $25k to build a school for the children of La Independencia, Guatemala. I seriously can’t thank you enough for making that wish a reality for me this …

Do It or Screw It: Home Repair Jobs & Expertise (TyPennington.com)
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Do It or Screw It – Home Repair Jobs & Expertise

Ready, Set, Fix! Have a project or renovation idea you’ve been wanting to tackle? Knowing what level of skill you have is the first step in determining how much help you’re going to need (or not) for your next home improvement job. Once you decide which of your jobs you can handle yourself, and which ones you …

Ty Pennington's First to the Future Home recap with NextGen (episode 10)
NextGen Home

NextGen | First to the Future in Florida – Building 101

Building 101 Okay, who is ready for another course in Building 101: First to the Future Design. These first episodes of my NextGen project are filled with the facts and stats you need to consider when designing an eco-friendly abode. So even though it may not look too exciting now, the layout and foundation are the …