Indian Summer

Summer Don’t Leave Me! I love summer as much as the next guy (in fact, probably more), so as temperatures drop, your options to enjoy your outdoor living space shouldn’t “fall” by the wayside either. I know, just because autumn is creeping around the corner (and then that other creep ol’ man winter will soon show …

On the Farm | Ty Pennington
Ty's Take

Down On the Farm

What? Do You Live in a Barn? I love to spend time with friends whenever I can.  When I had a chance to visit with some of them down on the farm, I figured “HAY, why not??”.  We were just horsing around – and yes, those chickens are always egging each other on. Some of …

Travel, Ty's Take


Safar(i), So Good A little while back, I had the good fortune to travel to Tanzania with a group of friends. And while words don’t often escape me, this time I think I will let my photos do the talking.  Click on an image to scroll through – and I hope that you enjoy looking …

Ty Pennington's #vintage vespa
Ty's Take


Come Here and I Will Vespa Sweet Nothings in Your Ear… Shhh…do you hear that?  It’s the sweet sound of the iconic Vespa scooter, trilling about town.  While they may have originated in Rome, Venice (California that is) is where I found that having my own Rally was the ideal way to get around.  The …


Mortgage Q&A

Maze of Mortgages Are you ready to buy a home?  First time? Refinancing?  I know, it can all be overwhelming and too often you just search under “For Rent” rather than take the plunge and buy your own place.  Owning your own is both daunting to get started, and rewarding once you go through with …