Indian Summer

Summer Don’t Leave Me!

I love summer as much as the next guy (in fact, probably more), so as temperatures drop, your options to enjoy your outdoor living space shouldn’t “fall” by the wayside either. I know, just because autumn is creeping around the corner (and then that other creep ol’ man winter will soon show his face)….well, that doesn’t mean you have to move the party inside!  For at least a few more weeks, we can keep enjoying the outdoors with a few modifications.  Here are a few quick and easy tips that can take you from summer sun to fall fling and help to make the transition easy.  

Hey Girrrl…I Mean, Grill…

Yes, the sun isn’t shining well into the evening hours anymore…but don’t let that stop you from grilling outside! If you’ve got a garden, make the most of those delicious veggies.  You can still enjoy your outdoor meals and barbeques by making a few modifications to your prep time and process.  One easy way to still keep on cooking through these later months is to get a grill light.  This simple solution adds hours onto your available grill time and is a quick and affordable solution.  Get ready by giving your grill a good cleaning to get you through the cooler months, buy a good grill cover to protect it from the elements, and you’re ready to go!

Keep it Cozy

Like a scout, you need to be prepared.  This means having warm and cozy blankets rolled up and ready to set outside for your guests.  You can curl up by the firepit without needing scarves and gloves for a little while longer if you have the right gear.  I like to keep a few lap-sized blankets in a basket for just this type of occasion so that I can grab them easily and not lose out on time with my guests.  These take the chill off the night air and keep lingering bugs at bay too!

Fruits the Season

Make the appropriate drinks for the time of year.  You won’t be likely craving a margarita or summer shandy, so work with what the world is giving you!  There are great craft cocktails that still give you a summer zing, but celebrate the ripe apples and flavors that fall brings.  Warm (not hot!) drinks like ciders and cocoa are also ideal.

Light it Up

In my opinion, ambient lighting makes any place better.  You can place candles around your space, or if you have a firepit, even better.  One way that I like to bring on the night is with outdoor lights.  They truly make any space more magical and can be kept up year round.

How do you do late summer outdoors?

Ty Pennington

Ty Pennington is best known as the Emmy-award winning host of "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" and as the co-host of ABC Daytime's "The Revolution." He has been recognized as a home design expert, carpenter and leader in the field of volunteerism. TyPennington.com is a space to share his inspiration, design tips, daily musings and more. Ty can currently be seen on TLC's Trading Spaces.

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