How to Throw a Super Bowl Party

Celebrate | How to Throw a Super Bowl Party

Well it’s game TIME! Come on… it’s the SEAHAWKS vs BRONCOS, the best defense against the best offense! You don’t want to get schooled by general SHERMAN and have your party called MEDIOCRE!

So there’s nothing better than a good super bowl party! I especially love the dude who just yells at the TV while wearing his jersey backwards, doing random high kicks for no reason… oh yeah! It’s time to kick it off right so here are some cool ideas that will make even that guy scream for something besides a fumble!

Super Bowl snacks

Start with snacks.
You don’t need to get too crazy with your menu, but having an assortment of snacks and appetizers is definitely a good idea for hungry fans. I like to keep things traditional – nachos, poppers, chip/dip combos, etc.  Try to buy in bulk to cut back on costs and if you have leftovers, save them for meals during the week!

Festive drinks for the Super Bowl

Stock the fridge.
You’re going to need something to wash down all those snacks, so don’t forget to stock up the fridge with cold brews and beverages. It’s also a good idea to keep a mid-sized cooler closer to the TV to avoid any game interruptions (can’t miss any highlights!). Just make sure to keep it filled with ice.

I found this cool drink calculator to help gauge how much booze and bevs you’re going to need, so give it a try!

Super Bowl party ideas

Setup the field.
To create the game environment, throw up some streamers with your team colors and a banner or 2. You can even DIY some cool decorations to put around the living room and snack spread. You’ll also want to make sure you have enough seating for your guests, even if they’re standing and screaming at the screen the whole game… It’s pretty exhausting!

Make sure that everything – drinks, food, games – is easily accessible. I like to scatter snack tables and TV trays around the kitchen and living area and let my guests pick and choose as they please. The host has to have fun too!

Do you have any tips for throwing a Super Bowl party? Leave them in the comments below. 


Photo Source: GQLuis Vilches/Virginian-Pilot, Evite

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