How To: Choose the Right Paint
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How To | Choose the Right Paint

Fall is a great time to consider something fresh in your home. Something as simple as a new coat of paint is one way to freshen things up, and don’t panic people, I have some tips to make this easy…

How To: Choose the Right Paint

The best way to figure out the colors you’ll like living with is to open your closet and see what shades you sport on a regular basis. Wear a lot of beige and brown? Chances are you don’t. Maybe it’s blues, greens or even oranges. Once you recognize which colors are in your wardrobe, head to the paint store and find similar ones among the paint chips.

How To: Choose the Right Paint

But even after you find colors you like, there’s no need to rush into a relationship before you’re ready. Instead of buying paint, try incorporating some hues via bedding and furniture. They’ll pop off of the neutral walls and give you time to adjust and get comfortable. No need to quit your neutrals cold turkey!

How To: Choose the Right Paint

When you’re ready to make the bold move to paint, buy some sample-size cans. Paint your choices onto boards that can be put around a room. Look at the boards throughout the day to see how the daylight changes them at different hours.

Soon you’ll be ready to make a commitment, and that’s when the fun begins. There’s nothing like watching the instant transformation of a room. Remember, even the best designers make bad color choices—which is why we love paint. It’s cheap and easy to paint over when you screw up!


Photo Source: Arian Behzadi, Imgspark, Homelife, Birmingham Home & Garden

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