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If you watched “The Revolution” last Monday you met Birke Baehr, a 13-yr old organic farmer whose TEDx speech about our nation’s food supply went viral and turned him into the poster child, literally, for incredible kids making a difference just by asking smart questions. For instance, one of his questions is, “Would you rather pay a farmer or pay the hospital?” Give that some thought next time you’re grocery shopping.

Birke is another example of an Everyday Hero. But maybe we should call him an Unexpected Hero. Sometimes you see a kid like this on YouTube and you think his parents must have coaxed him into this. People are skeptical that a kid his age would care less about video games and texting than about issues like organic farming. I think it’s probably normal to question why a 13-year-old boy would have more interest in learning about the dangers of the industrial food system than finding cheats for Modern Warfare. But let me tell you, after spending just a couple of minutes with Birke there’s no doubt he’s the real deal. He’s on a mission and I’m pretty sure our world will be a better place for it.

You can learn all about his message and how this young man came to be so passionate about sustainable living by visiting his website. He also has a great book titled Birke on The Farm.


Maybe something Birke has said or written will motivate you to really think about where the food you feed your family is coming from. And maybe you’ll make some changes. Let me know what those changes are, and I’ll let Birke know!

What do you think of Birke’s message? Let me know in the comments.




Photo Source: Knox News

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