How to Hang Fine Art by David Brian Sanders

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An art installation is much more than knocking a few nails in the wall. It requires some precision and thought. So the best practice guide is one that will ensure your fine art is positioned safely with the best possible aesthetic effect. Here’s how to do it…

Phase One: Select a wall space where your fine art will be safe from direct sunlight. Ultra Violet light rays can damage artwork and also cause glaring reflections that disrupt the visual appearance of the work.

Phase Two: Allow sufficient space between large-scale artworks to ensure they do not compete for attention. Fine art should be positioned to complement both one another and the overall mood of the room.

How to Hang Fine Art by David Brian Sanders

*If you want an inexpensive alternative to fine art, try using fabric as art (shown above). 

Phase Three: Consider the color scheme of your space carefully before selecting which room to hang your artwork in. This is very important!! Art, and colors in your art and framing, can have a dramatic impact upon an interior design. Are you looking to create harmony or stark contrast? These are important questions to ask yourself.

Phase Four: Consider the layout of a group of pieces carefully before hanging. When hanging a series of artworks of the same size, a grid formation looks fantastic. Ensure the gaps between the artwork are all equal.

How to Hang Fine Art by David Brian Sanders

Phase Five: Position your artwork so that it is not in direct line with door frames and furniture in the room. This may sound like a logical idea, but the result often appears awkward and unnatural.

Phase Six: Protect your fine art by installing it at a safe distance from direct heat sources such as radiators and electric heaters. Fluctuations in heat can cause long-term damage to an artwork that can lead to costly restorative treatments.

How to Hang Fine Art by David Brian Sanders

Phase Seven: Conserve your fine art by hanging it at a safe distance from damp areas such as bathrooms, spaces with poor ventilation and steamy kitchen areas. Moisture and humidity can damage artwork significantly over time, potentially ruining pieces of financial, cultural or personal value.

How to Hang Fine Art by David Brian Sanders

You don’t always have to use fine art to hang on your walls.  Sports equipment like this surfboard above or even musical equipment give your walls a fun and chic finish too.

David Brian Sanders

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