Recycled tshirt necklace
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How To | Make a T-Shirt Necklace

*Second Edition of Recycled DIY projects… this one is for all the ladies. Enjoy!

You know that stack of old t-shirts you keep around for…well…who really knows what. Well here’s your chance to put them to good (and fashionable) use in about 10 minutes flat.

DIY Tshirt necklace


– unwanted t-shirt
– scissors


1. Cut the hem off of the bottom of your t-shirt.

2. Start cutting 1-inch width strips.

DIY Tshirt necklace

3. Once you’ve cut all the way up the shirt (until you hit the sleeves), begin to stretch each loop piece by grabbing each end and slowly stretching. (Put one aside for later)

*If you’d like to have a tiered look to your necklace, make sure to cut a few of the loops on ONE end to varied lengths and tie a knot to close the loop again.

DIY Tshirt necklace

4. Stack your stretched out loops on top of one another, matching the seams together.

DIY Tshirt necklace

5. Take your extra loop of fabric and tie a knot around the entire stack on one end.

6.  Wrap the extra fabric around the stack until you cover up any/all of the seams/tied pieces.

7. Adorn your neck with your new necklace and hit the town!

DIY Tshirt necklace

Happy making!


*DIY inspiration from Maybe This Door?

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