DIY Newspaper Egg
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How To | DIY Newspaper Easter Egg

DIY Newspaper Egg

– scissors
– decoupage glue (*you may need a paintbrush if your glue doesn’t come with a brush)
– needle
– eggs
– old newspapers
– tiny cup to hold egg for drying (optional)

DIY Newspaper Egg
1. Wash and empty your egg of all the yolk. Use whatever method you think works best, but I tend to choose the classic, needle hole method. (This article offers some other options.) Let your egg thoroughly dry.

DIY Newspaper Egg
2. Shred your newspaper into long thin strips. (You can choose to wrap the long strips around the egg, or you can cut into shorter strips.)

DIY Newspaper Egg
3.  Start coating your dry egg with the decoupage glue and placing your first layers of newspaper down.

4. Let the first layer dry. (Things can get a little sticky, so I would suggest using a glass to prop the egg up for drying.)

5.  Once the first coat has dried, you can choose to add more layers of newspaper to fill in gaps, or simply use the decoupage to add a seal to the paper, making sure to press a little more firmly to get all of the bumps and air bubbles out.

6. Let dry.

7. Enjoy!

DIY Newspaper Egg

DIY Newspaper Egg

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