Designer Spotlight: NotARug on Etsy
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I’ve been working on my next fabric designs for a few months and I have to say, they’re pretty killer. A lot of inspiration goes into creating my patterns, but I really love seeing what comes out of them…

Bags, blankets, quilts, rugs… people have made some pretty amazing stuff with my fabrics and I couldn’t be more excited. Inspiration is contagious!

Designer Spotlight: NotARug on Etsy

Does this pattern look familiar?

My team recently told me about this small Canadian company called NotARug. Interior designer, Sophia Ghandi, and her husband have been running this Etsy shop and selling their collection of handmade rugs for a few months now.

NotARug, covers that happy place of getting the look of a dhurrie or floor cloth & not having to shell out hundreds of dollars for it… we wanted to bring beauty to floors. We also wanted it to be functional, high quality, affordable and most importantly- local!

I can’t argue with that!

Designer Spotlight: NotARug on Etsy Designer Spotlight: NotARug on Etsy

But I was curious about what inspired Sophia to use my fabrics for her rug collection and here’s what she said…

Selecting the fabrics for me has to be a “Love At First Sight”. And LOVE it was with Ty’s fabrics. I also knew immediately they were really high quality! The designs are very balanced out- sublime color palettes with patterns that are so classic & versatile! 

Thanks Sophia, I’m always happy to help a fellow designer!

Designer Spotlight: NotARug on Etsy

Cotton on the top and canvas on the back, Sophia’s accent rugs are all handmade in her studio in Toronto. The finished product is lightweight, portable and sure to bring a splash of color to your home décor, especially if you’re looking warm things up for the season.

And what about the name? I’m confused… Sophia says “it’s not your traditional floor cloth, it’s not a dhurrie, it’s not a rug”… well whatever you call it, it’s pretty awesome!

Designer Spotlight: NotARug on Etsy Designer Spotlight: NotARug on Etsy

Visit the NotARug Esty shop at

Check out NotARug on Facebook/Notarug

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