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Part of the reason I have this site is to share all of the inspiring and creative things YOU’RE doing. Yeah, I’m talking to you! Inspiration is contagious, and the web is full of awesome DIY crafts, home makers, expert designers, you name it.  So I stumbled on this next designer on Twitter and thought our community would appreciate her work and creativity, I know I do!

So Carla Peicheff runs a homemaker blog called My 1/2 Dozen Daily where she posts a variety of her crafty sewing projects, her photography portfolio, and other recipes and tutorials everybody can benefit from. But what made Carla stand out, was her fabric selection for some of her sewed creations. Let’s just say, I’m Impressed… ha!

Pouches by Half Dozen Daily

Carla has been using bundles of my Impressions fabrics to sew some really cool and useful items including multipurpose pouches, pot holders, placemats, crochet craft caddies… the list goes on.  I’ve seen a ton of things made out of my fabrics, but these are definitely unique and true to the crafting community.

Pouches by Half Dozen Daily Pouches by Half Dozen Daily Pouches by Half Dozen Daily

I really like how Carla combined two different fabric patterns for the outside and inside of these pouches. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been able to see the positive and negative in an image. It works the same when I’m creating color combinations for my fabrics. I’m always striving to reach cohesive collections in both color palette and pattern.

Crochet craft caddy by Half Dozen Daily Pot holders by Half Dozen Daily Placemats by Half Dozen Daily

Shout out to Carla for being inspired by my fabrics, so stoked to see how you’ve made them your own! And thanks for the features in your blog!

For more information about Carla, visit her blog

And follow Carla’s Creations on Facebook/Carlas-Creations

Have any crafty creations you’d like us to share? Leave them in the comments below. 


All photos courtesy of Carla Peicheff

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