How To Choose a Color Scheme

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When it comes to choosing a color scheme in your home, it’s important to learn how to mix colors and fabrics, as well as how to repeat color throughout your rooms. The principles of decorating and using coordinating fabrics and dressmaker details are extremely helpful when deciding which colors will work in your home. So follow these simple how-to instructions to help you choose a the best color scheme for you and your space.

How To Choose a Color Scheme

1. First, choose a style (formal or casual) and a theme for your room (such as American country, English garden, techno modern).

2. With the style and theme in mind, decide on an ‘anchor’ fabric that has 3 or more colors.

3. Use the background color from the fabric as a wall color.

How To Choose a Color Scheme

4. Pick a mid-toned color from the fabric for flooring and large furniture pieces, which could be a solid or patterned design. Upholstery can also be done in your anchor fabric or coordinating fabric.

5. Use the brightest colors from the fabric for accessories and accents, like welting and decorative pillows.

6. Place your anchor fabric in at least three places in the room – upholstery, pillows, curtains, etc.

7. Use coordinating fabrics in other scales (larger or smaller) as accent fabrics on chairs, pillows, cording, tablecloths and artwork too!

How To Choose a Color Scheme

For example, to use an ‘anchor’ fabric with an American flag design: use white (the background color) for walls, navy (a mid-toned color) on the floor, blue and white ticking on the sofa, and red (the brightest color) for accessories and accents.

8. To continue this example, the coordinated prints could be the blue and white ticking stripe, a navy star print fabric, and a red and white mini-check used on chairs, curtains, and pillows.

Helpful tips:

1. Repeat colors evenly throughout the room and in at least 3 places. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!

2. Adding dressmaker details in cording and trims is one way to disperse color and add interest. It also adds great punch to an otherwise neutral scheme.

How To Choose a Color Scheme

3 .Divide color use to approximately 60% of the room in the background (lightest) color, 30% in the mid-tone color, and 10% in the brightest, accent colors.

What color schemes do you have in your home? Share yours in the comments below. 

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