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Today I’m going to share some quick and easy mental notes you should take if/when you’re thinking about decorating your home. Maybe you just want something fresh in your décor for the new season, or you’re currently in the process of a remodel and feel a bit stuck?

Even if you aren’t planning anything in the near future, these simple dos and don’ts will help to avoid decorating disasters.


1. Have a plan. Before you dive in, make sure you have the time, energy and finances to finish a project. Also, plan ways to create storage wherever you possible because clutter can wreck the beauty of a great room.


2. Make the most out of what you have. Take everything out of a room and rearrange things in a different way. Sometimes all it takes is looking at a room from a new perspective. Don’t be afraid to break from your usual patterns.

3. Believe in reincarnation! Use things in completely different ways. You’d be surprised the things you can make out of ordinary items when you think outside the box.


4. Create flow throughout your home by painting rooms in adjacent shades. Also, have something that really pops like a vivid color or bold piece of artwork.


5. Look for color in your wardrobe. If you like it on your body, you’ll most likely enjoy it in your home. Find a tie or scarf that has a little of the hard-to-work-with hue it and use the other colors in the pattern as a guide.


1. Be afraid to ask for help. You don’t want to shy away from a project just because it’s something new. If you need to hire a professional or ask for a second opinion, just take notes and learn as much as you can so it will be easier next time.

2. Settle for less than great. You shouldn’t keep a wall painted a color you hate just because you liked it in the can, just like you shouldn’t buy an uncomfortable sofa just because it was on sale.

3. Buy big furniture unless you measure the room it’s going to be in AND the doorway it has to go through to get there. I can’t tell you how many people forget this step and wind up with BIG problems.

4. Think you have to paint all four walls the same. Having an accent wall is a great way to really bring a room to life.


5. Forget about wear and tear. You have to think about a room’s function before you decorate. For example, don’t put wallpaper in a steamy bathroom or use porous materials for your countertops.

What decorating tips can you share? Tell me about them below.




Photo Source: Houzz, HGtv, Apartment Therapy, Grass Stains

Ty Pennington

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