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Someone flip that switch, I can barely see in here!  Do you know how when you walk into your favorite room or restaurant, you immediately get a vibe.  The decor is generally the first thing that hits you, but without even realizing it, you’re affected by the lighting.  Consider this when you are decorating a room in your own home.  You’ve chosen paint colors, the new couch is ordered, or maybe you just can’t see above your kitchen sink.  It’s easy (or maybe not) to pick the colors and fabrics, but too often we forget to (pardon the pun) shine a light on how these things are seen. Let’s take a look at the part of decorating that is too often overlooked.

Ty Pennington's Design Notes for Bright Interior Lighting

Mix It Up

I always like to start with is this point when I talk to clients or am re-doing my own space: ‘well lit’ doesn’t just mean ‘bright’. In fact, you can have too much shadow and too much glare, which can affect a room’s overall look and feel if you don’t choose the right lighting.  You can work with a variety of lighting choices. Consider the floor for uplighting, or a lamp here, a chandelier there.  These all give you the option to create different types of ambiance depending on the situation.

Floor lighting and herringbone (via Glamour Drops) | Ty Pennington's Design Notes for Bright Interior Lighting

So the best approach to interior lighting is to use several different kinds of lights, like track lights, floor lights, recessed lights, or decorative lamps. Another bright idea is accent lighting. This lets you highlight areas like a bookshelf, or a piece of art. It really adds some style and focus to your room.  You can draw your guest’s eyes to wherever you want with focused lighting.

Accent lighting lets you highlight certain focal points in every room (via Optimise Design) | Ty Pennington's Design Notes for Bright Interior Lighting Kitchen lighting tips from Apartment Therapy

Don’t worry about too many lights, but be sure to put at least one of your lights on a dimmer switch, it’s an easy way to change the mood as well.  And if you’re on a budget, string lights can give a nice soft glow too!

Dim lighting quickly changes the mood of your rooms. | Ty Pennington's Design Notes for Bright Interior Lighting

Join the conversation: What kinds of lights do you use in your home? Share yours in the comments below.

Photo Source: Design MilkGlamour Drops, Lighthousenorskeinteriorblogger, Optimise Design, dwell

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