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Here’s another Design or Dazed pop quiz for everyone. Quick tip: the answer to this one is pretty controversial…

Ty Pennington | Design or Dazed

Leave your guess in the comments below and be sure to check back for the answer this afternoon!


So the answer is both design AND dazed. This is Mark’s House, a temporary pavilion that currently stands (or floats) in a once empty parking lot in Flint, Michigan.

Recently, Mark’s House has been stirring up some controversy in the art community, so I thought it would be cool to take a deeper look…

Ty Pennington | Design or Dazed

The design and concept was created for Flint’s Flat Lot Competition, which asked architects around the globe to re-imagine an empty lot for positive public use. Sounds like my kind of competition!

Designs were required to support public events and gatherings. So when Two Islands tackled the project, their vision was to shed light on increasing foreclosures in the city and to reflect on what truly makes a house a home. It looks something like this.

Ty Pennington | Design or Dazed

I love the symbolism and use of reflective materials in the pavilion’s design. By mirroring the surrounding community, visitors must gain a sense of family and communal values. Not to mention, the entire thing appears to be floating in air! Talk about moving on up.

Ty Pennington | Design or Dazed Ty Pennington | Design or Dazed Ty Pennington | Design or Dazed

So if the concept for Mark’s House was interesting and inspiring enough to win the competition, what’s the controversy all about? Well, apparently when the pavilion was finished in late August, the final product didn’t meet everybody’s expectations. Check out this Michigan article for more details.

So I’m asking you, is Mark’s House a work of art or atrocity? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Photo Source: Design Boom Gavin Smith and Jacquie Gagne

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