Creative DIY Easter Eggs
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How To | Creative DIY Easter Eggs

*inspired by Spoonful and seasonal creativity!

Creative DIY Easter Eggs

Basic Supplies:
– Eggs

For leaf print…
– Scissors
– Rubber bands
– Food coloring
– Vinegar
– Cups for dye
– Nylon stockings – cut into 3 in. pieces
– Flat leaves – mint, cilantro, dill, etc.
For painted…
– Stencils of your choosing
– Acrylic, multi-purpose paint
– Small paintbrushes

Instructions for leaf print eggs…

Creative DIY Easter Eggs Supplies

1. Boil eggs and let cool in a bowl of cold water while you prepare your dye colors.

2. For each dye cup use 1 tsp. vinegar, ½ c. warm water and 10-20 drops of food coloring. Adjust measurements to dye cup size.

3. Dry egg and place the leaf on shell in desired position. Wrap leaf in place with nylon stocking and secure with rubber band.

Creative DIY Easter Eggs Steps 1&2

4. Gently place egg in dye cup and let sit for 5 mins. Mix colors for unique effects! 2 mins in yellow + 3 mins in red etc.

Creative DIY Easter Eggs Step 3

5. Gently lift egg out of dye and place on dry, working surface. Remove rubber band and nylon (slowly!) and let dry completely.

Creative DIY Easter Eggs

For painted eggs…

1. Find stencils you love and apply to dry eggshell.

2. Fill in stencils with acrylic colors of your choosing and let dry completely.

Creative DIY Easter Eggs with Stencils and Paint

3. Remove stencil and decorate finishing touches!

Have fun and get creative with your designs, dyes, supplies, etc…

Creative DIY Easter Eggs


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