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Spotlight | Chaos to Couture with PUNK Interiors

If you haven’t heard already PUNK is back in a big way! From the recent MET ball to their spring 2013 Costume Institute exhibition, PUNK: Chaos to Couture, PUNK is back in fashion and on the pages of magazines worldwide…

Chaos to Couture: PUNK Interiors | Janette Ewen

With such a global focus on this edgy, groundbreaking style in fashion, I realized PUNK has also been making its way back into homes and interior design for sometime.  From skull light fixtures to edgy artwork and furnishings, PUNK style focuses on anarchy and edge. The new wave of PUNK style, however, is mixed with luxury and focuses more on classic UK-style artistic furniture, all while pushing the boundaries.

Chaos to Couture: PUNK Interiors | Janette Ewen

So how do you get the PUNK look in your home?

1. Start with a bold colour palette; dark navy, red and white works and as well as a deep purple mixed with plenty of black.

2. Next incorporate some patterns like, rich paisley, eclectic prints… anything that pushes boundaries. Check out the London Toile at to get a better idea.

3. Sprinkle in furniture and accessories that have a distinct London in the 1970’s look (incorporating rustic metals, a union jack motif) or pieces that have distinct almost obscure edge, like this Maximo Riera chair shaped like a rhinoceros.

Chaos to Couture: PUNK Interiors | Janette Ewen

The final outcome is pure PUNK and gives your space a very distinct flavour. I’ve pulled some images from my favourite punk-inspired interiors to give you a better idea of this cool new trend. Check them out below…

Chaos to Couture: PUNK Interiors | Janette Ewen Chaos to Couture: PUNK Interiors | Janette Ewen Chaos to Couture: PUNK Interiors | Janette Ewen Chaos to Couture: PUNK Interiors | Janette EwenChaos to Couture: PUNK Interiors | Janette Ewen

For even more inspiration consider picking up a copy of “Punk Home: Interiors in Anarchy” photographed by Abby Banks edited by Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore.


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Photo Source: Hans Van BentemRyan Korban, Ennvy, HGtv

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