Carving Corners: Spaces for Relaxation

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Everybody needs a space in their home to call their own. If you’ve mastered the bedroom and consider it your quiet place, that’s awesome. But what about the rest of your home and family?

A cozy corner is a great way to unwind and relax after a long and stressful day. And If you set it up right, it can be a space for everybody to share and enjoy. I recommend separating this space from the rest of your home. “Carve” out an area dedicated to true relaxation and keep it that way (sometimes the hardest part!).

From comfortable seating, complimentary lighting and a couple extra add-ons, here are a few ideas for carving out your own corner.

Window Reading Nook

For starters you’re going to need a comfortable place to kick back. Seating should be kept to a minimum – compact sofas or chaise lounges are good – to encourage some alone time. If you have a built-in nook or window bench, make sure it’s plush and soft. For kids corners, try adding a beanbag.

Kids Corner

Carving Corners: Spaces for Relaxation

Lighting is the next piece to your corner puzzle. Floor lamps are good because they don’t take up too much floor space and offer the perfect amount of light for reading, writing, etc. Or if your space allows, try adding a sconce above your seating arrangement. Use energy saving bulbs when possible to give yourself an extra piece of mind.

Carving Corners: Spaces for Relaxation

This next step is crucial if you want ultimate relaxation… I mean, you can’t have comfort without pillows and blankets. And the more, the better! Throw in some candles, unique artwork, tasteful organizers for your reading/writing materials, and you’re ready to relax.

Rustic Reading Nook
Carving Corners: Spaces for Relaxation

Ok so putting it all together, your comfy corner should look a little something like this…

Carving Corners: Spaces for Relaxation

Letters from Layla Grayce, Seat & Blanket from ABC Home, Lamp from Crate&Barrel, Pillows from HD Buttercup

Pretty simple. Any extra ambiance or added fluff will depend on your space and your needs. If you carve your corner with the things that help you reach maximum relaxation, who knows, you might get stuck there for a while! No harm in that…


Photo Source: Houzz, Design Sponge, Real Simple, Babble, Interiorholic

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