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Ty’s Take | Ask Ty, Miracles and Magazines

This new Ask Ty series is incredible! So many great questions from you guys, I don’t even know where to start.

Here’s another round of my answers…

1. Ty, do you believe in miracles?

Ask Ty: Yes, No or Maybe | Ty Pennington

I’ve seen it first hand. I mean building a house in 4 days is nothing short of an unbelievable miracle. Seeing hundreds sometimes thousands of people coming together to better someone’s life. Yep. Straight up miracle! Oh yeah. And my mom not giving me up for adoption… another miracle. Thanx mom.

2. I miss your books and magazines. Best bedtime reading! Any more books coming?

Ask Ty: Yes, No or Maybe | Ty Pennington

I’m glad my books are good bedtime reading. I hope the chapters on toilets don’t make you get up in the middle of the night. Ha! I would love to write more. I’m thinking about writing a kids book. I think it would be fun, immature and informative. Hopefully like me. I also love coffee table books, and will be doing one using some of the 60,000 photos I’ve taken over the years.

3. You want to come fix my toilet? It has a leak.

Ask Ty: Yes, No or Maybe | Ty Pennington

If you haven’t thrown my first book down the john already, there’s a chapter on fixing leaky toilets. It’s pretty simple step-by-step stuff, but like your toilet my sentences can run on and on. But eventually they get to the bottom of things. Good luck. And wear protective eyewear and a mouthpiece just in case!

Until next time…

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