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Ty’s Take | My Favorite Piece of Furniture

Okay everybody. Here comes another answer in my Ask Ty series. Last week I talked about my favorite cartoons and this week… well, we’re talking about nothing even close to that. But I like to keep things interesting. Change it up a bit. Maria Laura De Vilhena Dias E Silva (quite the name you got there) asked me this question:

What is your favorite piece of furniture in a room?

Even though the bedroom is the least public room in the house, I think that’s a good thing, because my favorite piece of furniture isn’t always tidy. My bed – no matter how unmade or disheveled it becomes – is undoubtedly my favorite piece of furniture. Personally, I love my bed because as humans, we spend half our lives in it, which means it has to be comfortable. My bed is the single piece of furniture I own that I can’t wait to get into and certainly don’t want to get out of.

What’s your favorite piece of furniture?

Ty Pennington

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