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Ty’s Take | 5 Things I’m Glad I Tried Once

I recently shared my list of five things I’m glad I tried once, so I thought you might like to read them here too.

5 Things I’m Glad I Tried Once

1. Living alone in a foreign country.
I lived in Japan–it was the first place I’d ever lived besides Atlanta–and it was at first a major culture shock, but then my eyes focused and suddenly I realized I was surrounded by art, tradition, customs, people, places, and food I’d never experienced.

2. Road Trip Coast-to-Coast.
I took my time and camped a lot of the way across the nation. I think winding my way through mountains and canyons and meadows watching sunrises and sunsets was really what inspired my love of nature–which is something I still incorporate in about everything I design.

3. Falling in Love…and Losing that Love.
The euphoria of falling so hard that you actually feel like you’re living for someone else and then losing that and having to snap back into relying on yourself is a tough but important experience.

4. Sky Diving.
Predictable answer, but the truth is it was life-changing. The rush of adrenaline, the wind in my face, the ground rising up to meet me, the fear…really makes you appreciate life’s fleeting moments more.

5. Jumping Trains.
Don’t report me to the police on this one. After a week in Europe with friends whose schedule was so planned that it became no fun, I said enough is enough and just jumped on a random train, set out with no destination, and experienced the unknown journey.

Alright, it’s your turn. Leave me a comment with the five things you’re glad you’ve tried once.

Ty Pennington

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