Ty Pennington's First to the Future Home project

NexGen | Ty’s First to the Future Progress Report

Welcome back to the sunshine state aka my First to the Future home. So much progress has been made since demolition day. Check out the latest episode below to see where we’re at… It’s finally starting to take shape and really look like a home, but we still have a long way to go. Some highlights […]

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Ty Pennington's First to the Future Home Series with NextGen

Next Gen | Ty’s First to the Future Home Update

Hey folks! Before the weekend rolls around, I wanted to share an update on my First to the Future home with NextGen. We’ve been making some awesome progress lately and the house is really starting to come together. What you may not realize from watching the episodes is that this is a really complicated build. We’re dealing […]

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Ty’s Worldly Adventures: Finale Episode - New Heights, New Inspiration | Ty Pennington

Travel | Norway, New Heights, New Inspiration

So before we dive into the last episode, I just have to say that every day of this trip was a completely new experience. It was such an incredible journey with some of my closest friends and something that I’ll never forget… In the finale, the team and I suit up and take a wild […]

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Ty’s Worldly Adventures: Episode 6 - Pushing the Limits | Ty Pennington

Travel | Norway, Pushing the Limits

So at the end of the last episode, we got to Ålesund and I slept in a lighthouse. If you think things are getting crazy, you haven’t seen anything yet… In this episode we start pushing the limits! We went ocean rafting, stopped in Bergen for a dose of inspiration and stuffed our faces with […]

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Ty’s Worldly Adventures: Episode 5 - Norway’s Finest Furniture | Ty Pennington

Travel | Norway’s Finest Furniture

Episode 5 of my worldly adventures is all about furniture. We traveled by foot, by car and even by boat to explore contemporary and comfortable furniture made by Norway’s modern designers. This was seriously the coolest way to experience furniture in Norway. I checked out a modern warehouse, tested out a beautiful chair on a […]

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Ty’s Worldly Adventures: It’s All About the Outside

Travel | It’s All About the Outside in Norway

On this episode of my worldly adventures, I got to check out firsthand just how beautiful Norway is. I felt like a kid in a candy store… I’ve been following art and architecture that blends natural elements into design and during my trip we got to stop at the Juvet Landscape Hotel. Up until then, […]

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Ty's Worldly Adventures: Inspiring Norwegian Architecture | Ty Pennington

Travel | Inspiring Norwegian Architecture

Now that it’s almost been a whole year since the design tour, I seriously love looking back and reflecting on the amazing inspiration my team and I found overseas. This new web series is wicked cool and it feels great to be able to share my adventures in Norway and Denmark with you guys. So […]

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