Eat | Have it Your Way for Labor Day

Burgers on the grill are as All-American as baseball and apple pie. And, even as our summer is ending, we love celebrating Labor Day with cookouts on the grill. Our attraction to the scent of meat cooking on fire is basic; the wafting gray smoke seems to awaken some sort of primordial urge buried deep […]

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Slow Cooker Boeuf Bourguignonne Recipe by Virginia Willis

Eat | Virginia’s Beef Stew

I grew up eating beef stew mama prepared in her slow cooker, rich hunks of meat bathed in dark brown gravy, thickened with flour, and flavored with a generous slug of my grandfather’s homemade wine. She’d make a big batch and we would enjoy it for several nights, each providing a richer, fuller stew with […]

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Four Fabulous Holiday Dessert Recipes by Virginia Willis | Basic to Brilliant Y'All

Eat | Four Fabulous Holiday Treats

Christmas presents an abundance of food memories – yule logs, boozy eggnog, and contentious fruitcake – but very little is more traditional than baking cookies. A large chunk of this friendly dessert’s holiday PR is thanks to Old Saint Nick’s late-night snacking habit. Cookies are an unselfish food, meant to be gifted and shared. Cookies […]

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Eat | Five Thanksgiving Side Dishes

For Thanksgiving, the turkey may be the centerpiece, but for me,  the sides are the best part about a Thanksgiving feast. The amusing thing about Thanksgiving it is the one meal that is almost immovable in terms of menu. Each family member has that one side dish that is their favorite and for some, it’s […]

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Fresh Fruit Summer Tart by Virginia Willis

Eat | Fresh Fruit Summer Tart

Summer berries are delicious. Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries are all bursts of beautiful color and flavor. Most often I enjoy them for breakfast in a smoothie or with yogurt. I may have them in a shortcake or cobbler. However, a classic French Fruit Tart is really special… It’s actually very simple, and when all […]

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Sweet Tea Brined BBQ Chicken Recipe | Chef Virginia Willis

Eat | Sweet Tea Brined BBQ Chicken

Summer is warm weather, sunshine, and swimming. It also means gardening… one of my favorite summer pastimes. As a chef, there’s something deeply satisfying about growing my own fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and then cooking them. Around July 4th is when summer really hits its stride. I love summer food and the farmers markets are […]

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Boneless Rib eye with Porcini Rosemary Rub | TyPennington.com

Eat | Satisfying Steak

I’ve made a lot of changes with my diet these past few years and one of them is eating less beef. But, sometimes… I crave a rich, juicy steak. So, now, when I eat beef, I want it to be good, really good. I want it to be good for me and I want it […]

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