Guaranteed Rate's Ultimate Neighborhood Give Back WINNER |

Contest | Guaranteed Rate’s Ultimate Neighborhood Give Back WINNER

After weeks of voting and hours of deliberation, Guaranteed Rate has finally picked the winner of their Ultimate Neighborhood Give Back Challenge. To see all of the amazing work that’s being done by community organizations from coast to coast is truly inspiring, so I encourage everyone to visit the full list of the top 50 projects submitted and find one […]

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Ty Pennington's NextGen Storm Resistant Home

NextGen | Building a Storm Resistant Home

The newest episode of my NextGen project aired last night and this one is special for a few reasons. First, I’ve met families across the country and I’ve seen towns torn apart by severe storms. Cleaning up after a mess like that isn’t easy. And let’s face it, severe weather is something we all have to deal […]

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Ty Pennington's First to the Future Home Series with NextGen

Next Gen | Ty’s First to the Future Home Update

Hey folks! Before the weekend rolls around, I wanted to share an update on my First to the Future home with NextGen. We’ve been making some awesome progress lately and the house is really starting to come together. What you may not realize from watching the episodes is that this is a really complicated build. We’re dealing […]

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Behind-the-Scenes with Ty Pennington's NextGen First to the Future Home project

NextGen | Behind-the-Scenes

Bottoms up people! And I’m not talking about happy hour… we’ve started building the most critical part of my First to the Future home; the foundation. Building a strong and solid foundation is incredibly important to the bigger picture, because any mistakes you make will only haunt you for the rest of the build! But I […]

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Ty’s Worldly Adventures: Finale Episode - New Heights, New Inspiration | Ty Pennington

Travel | Norway, New Heights, New Inspiration

So before we dive into the last episode, I just have to say that every day of this trip was a completely new experience. It was such an incredible journey with some of my closest friends and something that I’ll never forget… In the finale, the team and I suit up and take a wild […]

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Lumber Liquidators: Norway Special | Ty Pennington

Spotlight | Lumber Liquidators Norway Special

During my worldly adventures in Norway, one thing that definitely stood out was the use of wood in all of the design and architecture. If you think about it, these guys have been using wood since the a­ge of the Vikings! They know their stuff. So I’m taking a break between episodes to give you […]

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Ty’s Worldly Adventures: It’s All About the Outside

Travel | It’s All About the Outside in Norway

On this episode of my worldly adventures, I got to check out firsthand just how beautiful Norway is. I felt like a kid in a candy store… I’ve been following art and architecture that blends natural elements into design and during my trip we got to stop at the Juvet Landscape Hotel. Up until then, […]

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