Guaranteed Rate's Ultimate Neighborhood Give Back WINNER |

Contest | Guaranteed Rate’s Ultimate Neighborhood Give Back WINNER

After weeks of voting and hours of deliberation, Guaranteed Rate has finally picked the winner of their Ultimate Neighborhood Give Back Challenge. To see all of the amazing work that’s being done by community organizations from coast to coast is truly inspiring, so I encourage everyone to visit the full list of the top 50 projects submitted and find one […]

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Ty Pennington's Project Spotlight: Guaranteed Rate's Final 6

Contest | Guaranteed Rate’s Final 6

After hours of deliberation, the final six projects for Guaranteed Rate‘s Ultimate Give Back Challenge have been selected. It wasn’t an easy decision people! There were tons of really great projects submitted during the earlier rounds of the competition and we wish we could have given all of them something. But the good news for […]

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Project Spotlight: Guaranteed Rate's Give Back Challenge Finalists

Contest | Guaranteed Rate’s Give Back Challenge Finalists

So this wasn’t an easy decision, but we’ve narrowed down the Ultimate Give Back Challenge to 50 finalists. Hundreds of submissions were entered during the first round, and I have to say, I’m impressed! I love when communities come together to for a great cause, don’t you? Congrats to all of the remaining projects. There are […]

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Ty Pennington & Guaranteed Rate's Ultimate Neighborhood Give Back Challenge

Contest | Ultimate Neighborhood Give Back Challenge

Good morning people! Since Extreme I’ve always tried to get involved in cool projects that improve communities. Pencils of Promise was a great start, but I wanted to extend the idea of giving back to people across the country. It’s absolutely incredible what can happen when people come together for a great cause! I’ve been getting […]

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