Project Spotlight: Recycling World Cup Stadiums for Affordable Housing, Casa Futebol |

Design Spotlight: Casa Futebol & World Cup Stadiums

In the days leading up to the long-awaited 2014 World Cup, protests ravaged the streets of Brazil . And even though many factors contributed to civil unrest, one of them was definitely the unforeseen consequences of FIFA’s influence over the country. For example, what’s going to happen to the 12 enormous stadiums after the fans and players leave? […]

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How To Give An Old Ladder A Brand New Life | Ty Pennington

How To Give An Old Ladder A Brand New Life

Instead of spending money on a new piece of furniture for extra storage or display space, I encourage you to step things up a notch! Repurpose an old wooden ladder from your garage or local hardware store and you’ll find the perfect solution to all kinds of storage problems. If your style is more traditional, […]

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Recycled Planters | Ty Pennington

Last Look: Recycled Roots

All summer long I’ve noticed some pretty unusual pots and planters. Pinterest is a good spot for inspiration, but I’ve also seen recycled planters in homes, at restaurants and even some killer offices. So for this week’s roundup, I put together a list of some of the coolest recycled planters on the web. Check them […]

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Recycled tshirt necklace

Recycled DIY: T-Shirt Necklace

*Second Edition of Recycled DIY projects… this one is for all the ladies. Enjoy! You know that stack of old t-shirts you keep around for…well…who really knows what. Well here’s your chance to put them to good (and fashionable) use in about 10 minutes flat. Materials: – unwanted t-shirt – scissors Instructions: 1. Cut the hem […]

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Recycled DIY: T-Shirt Produce Bag

*My friend is a pro at DIYs, so this post is from her… seriously cool! If you love to go to farmer’s markets, but hate the waste that comes from the plastic and paper bags they send you home with, here’s a recycled DIY project inspired by Delia Creates that will solve your problem. Materials: […]

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