Do It or Screw It: Home Repair Jobs & Expertise (

How To | Do It or Screw It – Home Repair Jobs & Expertise

Have a project or renovation idea you’ve been wanting to tackle? Knowing what level of skill you have, is the first step in determining how much help you’re going to need (or not) for your next home improvement or repair. Once you decide which jobs you can do and which ones you absolutely cannot do help to minimize the mistakes […]

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Project Spotlight: Guaranteed Rate's Give Back Challenge Finalists

Contest | Guaranteed Rate’s Give Back Challenge Finalists

So this wasn’t an easy decision, but we’ve narrowed down the Ultimate Give Back Challenge to 50 finalists. Hundreds of submissions were entered during the first round, and I have to say, I’m impressed! I love when communities come together to for a great cause, don’t you? Congrats to all of the remaining projects. There are […]

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Good Eats: ADL Dinner Event

Inspiration | The Anti-Defamation League

Hey folks! So tomorrow I’m going to the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) dinner event to honor Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, and I couldn’t be more stoked about it. ADL was founded in 1913 and has played a huge role in fighting anti-Semitism and protecting civil rights for all. Tomorrow’s dinner is going to honor two […]

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Behind-the-Scenes with Ty Pennington's NextGen First to the Future Home project

NextGen | Behind-the-Scenes

Bottoms up people! And I’m not talking about happy hour… we’ve started building the most critical part of my First to the Future home; the foundation. Building a strong and solid foundation is incredibly important to the bigger picture, because any mistakes you make will only haunt you for the rest of the build! But I […]

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Ty Pennington's First to the Future Home project with NextGen | recap

NextGen | Home Update

Ok folks, it’s time for another update on my NextGen First to the Future project! We’ve had a pretty successful month after demolition day. We’ve been working on preparing the ground, laying the foundation and getting ready for the first slab of the build. So stoked! Like I said before, we are trying to recycle […]

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Ty Pennington's "First to the Furute" Video Series with NextGen Home TV | First to the Future

Watch | My First to the Future NextGen Project

Okay folks, if you’ve been following me on Twitter or Facebook, you might have noticed that I officially announced a new (yeah, I managed to take on yet another project) building series with NextGen Home TV called, “First to the Future.” So this one will probably take more than 7 days, but we are seriously breaking […]

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Ty Pennington's Pencils of Promise Fundraiser Campaign for La Independencia | Build A School in Guatemala

Ty’s Take | New Year, New Promises

Happy 2014 folks! This might be the year of the horse, but for me, it’s a year of promises. And today I’m kicking it off with a special announcement about a new project I’ve started with Pencils of Promise. Some pretty incredible things can happen when people come together. So PoP is a really cool […]

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