Ty Pennington's Top 10 Guitar Tracks #music

Ty’s Take | Ty’s Top 10 Guitar Tracks

It’s been a while since we’ve started the week with some killer tunes, so today I’m pumped to deliver another installment of Music Monday. Last time, we took a tour of my man cave and, if you didn’t notice, it’s filled to the brim with guitars and music-making machines. So it’s no secret that music has been a […]

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Music Monday: Inside Ty Pennington's Man Cave

Ty’s Take | Inside My Man Cave

A few weeks ago, I talked about the modern-day man cave and shared some of the interior trends I’ve been seeing lately. So my “man cave” might look like a mess, but it’s seriously one of my most favorite rooms in my Venice home. My man’s room is all about music! From gear to guitars, I […]

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Music Monday: Rock Icon Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Ty’s Take | Fender Guitars

You don’t have to be a rock ‘n’ roll expert to know that Fender is one of the leading names in music manufacturing. At the very beginning, famous musicians like Billy Carson, The Beach Boys, Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan were using  early Stratocaster models to create some of the top hits we […]

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Singing in the Rain, Courtyard of Elements, Dresden, Germany

Ty’s Take | Singing in the Rain

Seems like forever since I kicked off the week with a music Monday post, so today you’re in for a real treat. This next one combines architecture and music into one impressively melodic display. Feast your eyes (and ears) on The Courtyard of Elements… So this house in the Dresden area of Germany was transformed […]

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Music Monday: The Birthplace of the Blues | Ty Pennington

Travel | Mississippi, The Birthplace of the Blues

On the last episode of American Journey, I visited the small and soulful town of Clarksdale, Mississippi. Legends like Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and Robert Johnson are just a few of the big names that called this small town home. I got a first hand look at Clarksdale’s rich history and musical culture that’s […]

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Music Monday: The Lindsey Family Band | Ty Pennington

Ty’s Take | The Lindsey Family Band

Hey hey it’s Monday! You know what that means… time for another round of killer tunes to kick start your week the right way. So a few weeks ago we shot this video for American Journey featuring the folk master family The Lindsey Family Band. Comprised of dad and mom and eleven (yes, ELEVEN!) siblings, these […]

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Music Monday: Cool Kid Jazz Band

Ty’s Take | Cool Kid Jazz Band

Jazz Fest last weekend was so sweet, sweaty and jazzy. So much went down during the festival… look what I stumbled upon just walking down the street, so much great young talent! I whipped out my iPhone to record a quick bit. Take a listen below. And here’s some snapshots from the fest. Hope you […]

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