Ty Pennington's #vintage vespa

Ty’s Take | Vespa

Come Here and I Will Vespa Sweet Nothings in Your Ear… Shhh…do you hear that?  It’s the sweet sound of the iconic Vespa scooter, trilling about town.  While they may have originated in Rome, Venice (California that is) is where I found that having my own Rally was the ideal way to get around.  The […]

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The Modern Day Man Cave + Masculine Decor by Ty Pennington

Design | The Modern-Day Man Cave

The manliest home in America incorporate a mix of sleek lines, rustic elements and a lack of throw pillows or accents. Ha! But lately I’ve been seeing this manly space upgraded with modern design elements that are still masculine and slick; no matter what type of dude you’re dealing with. Check out some modern man cave […]

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Ty Pennington's Last Look: Coastal Interiors

Design | Coastal Interiors

People always tell me that “life’s a beach”. But since I’ve been living in California and enjoying the sand, surf and sun most of the year, I definitely have to agree. Color combinations and palettes inspired by the beach can be the most obvious design trait of coastal interiors. So you have different greens and […]

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Recycled Planters | Ty Pennington

Design | Recycled Roots

All summer long I’ve noticed some pretty unusual pots and planters. Pinterest is a good spot for inspiration, but I’ve also seen recycled planters in homes, at restaurants and even some killer offices. So for this week’s roundup, I put together a list of some of the coolest recycled planters on the web. Check them […]

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Last Look: Yarn Bombs | Ty Pennington

Design Spotlight | Yarn Bombs

I saw this article a few weeks ago and just knew I had to share… have you seen this yarn bomb phenomenon in your hometown? This is especially cool for all of the quilters out there. Dare you to crochet your mark in your hometown!! Some say street art has gone grandma… ha! But I […]

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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff | Ty Pennington

Ty’s Take |The Small Stuff

TGIF folks!! I’ve been crazy busy the past week. Fridays are such a good day to relax and unwind. So today I’m sharing a little positive message with you. Start the weekend right!! Looks like we have similar hairstyles… ha!

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Last Look: Killer Closets | TyPennington.com

Design | Killer Closets

This week I shared some ideas for rooms that lack designated closet space. I hope my tips helped out those of you with limited space and resources! That dilemma inspired me to dig around the web and find the coolest and craziest closets out there. It’s pretty shocking to see the other side of the […]

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