Ty Pennington's Design Notes for Bright Interior Lighting

Design | Bright Interior Lighting

Are you doing a little re-decorating around the house? Maybe you have plans for a new paint color or new furniture, who knows, maybe you want a giant mural of your cat named Tinkles. Whatever you have in mind, let me shed a little light on a design tip that often gets overlooked… I’m talking […]

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Music Monday: Inside Ty Pennington's Man Cave

Ty’s Take | Inside My Man Cave

A few weeks ago, I talked about the modern-day man cave and shared some of the interior trends I’ve been seeing lately. So my “man cave” might look like a mess, but it’s seriously one of my most favorite rooms in my Venice home. My man’s room is all about music! From gear to guitars, I […]

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The Modern Day Man Cave + Masculine Decor by Ty Pennington

Design | The Modern-Day Man Cave

The manliest home in America incorporate a mix of sleek lines, rustic elements and a lack of throw pillows or accents. Ha! But lately I’ve been seeing this manly space upgraded with modern design elements that are still masculine and slick; no matter what type of dude you’re dealing with. Check out some modern man cave […]

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Design Notes: How to Mix Metals in Your Space by David Brian Sanders

Design | How to Mix Metals in Your Space

So we can all acknowledge that all professional fields have rules, whether you’re in the field of fashion, interior design, law, architecture, or engineering, etc.  Then there are those rules you hear about that we abide by them because we’ve just heard them one to many times and we’ve been brainwashed (so to speak).  For example, ever […]

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Ty Pennington's Last Look: Coastal Interiors

Design | Coastal Interiors

People always tell me that “life’s a beach”. But since I’ve been living in California and enjoying the sand, surf and sun most of the year, I definitely have to agree. Color combinations and palettes inspired by the beach can be the most obvious design trait of coastal interiors. So you have different greens and […]

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How To Give An Old Ladder A Brand New Life | Ty Pennington

How To | Give An Old Ladder A Brand New Life

Instead of spending money on a new piece of furniture for extra storage or display space, I encourage you to step things up a notch! Repurpose an old wooden ladder from your garage or local hardware store and you’ll find the perfect solution to all kinds of storage problems. If your style is more traditional, […]

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Top Trends from the Canadian Home Furnishings Market by designer Janette Ewen

Design | Top Trends from the Canadian Home Furnishings Market

I was recently asked to select my “must haves” from The Canadian Home Furnishings Market (TCHFM) show, and it wasn’t an easy task! This year’s show was brimming with amazing new furniture, accessories and appliances. I fell in love with so many items, as did the many attendees at the show. So this year was […]

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