Inspired by: Vintage Surf Magazines by Ty Pennington

Spotlight | Vintage Surf Style

I’m always looking for new color inspiration and can pretty much find it anywhere. And since I have a massive collection of vintage stuff, it’s no surprise these turned up during the summer season. I matched some color palettes with the covers of these old surf magazines to give me some inspiration for future projects. Check […]

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The Eye Has to Travel: Why Don't You... (by Janette Ewen)

Design | The Eye Has to Travel: Why Don’t You…

My dear friend Patrick Delanty (aka the most stylish man alive), recently suggested we download the relatively new documentary on Diana Vreeland, “The Eye Has to Travel.”  I’m a huge fan of Diana Vreeland, and as I watched the trailer, I was reminded of Vreeland’s fresh and whimsical approach to both fashion editing and life. Her […]

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Ty’s Take | Holding Onto an Endless Summer

Summer is that one season we all try to hold on to for as long as possible. For me, it brings a spirit of freedom that’s left over from my childhood. Maintaining that feeling of an endless summer is easier than you think, so today I’m giving you some examples of how I do it. […]

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Worldly Design: Interiors Inspired by Africa |

Design | Interiors Inspired by Africa

I hope you all had a chance to experience Africa in my new Tanzanian Dream photo gallery. My trip was so incredible and even though I couldn’t bring you guys with me, I wanted to give everybody a chance to see the unbelievable people, landscape and wildlife. Like the rest of the world, Tanzania is […]

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Ty Pennington's Last Look: Coastal Interiors

Design | Coastal Interiors

People always tell me that “life’s a beach”. But since I’ve been living in California and enjoying the sand, surf and sun most of the year, I definitely have to agree. Color combinations and palettes inspired by the beach can be the most obvious design trait of coastal interiors. So you have different greens and […]

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Worldly Design: Adventures in Paris by Patrick Delanty

Travel | Adventures in Paris, France

I recently had the good fortune to take a ‘design inspired’ trip to Paris, to see friends and attend some amazing events.  Since I only speak a few key words of French, enough to order a coffee or glass of wine which is crucial in France, the best bonus of my visit was that my […]

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Go Green: St. Patty's Day Design

Spotlight | Go Green

Ok so going green can mean a lot of different things. First, I like to think of it as doing things efficiently and sustainably, like my First to the Future home with NextGen. Eco-friendly is always trending in my book… But going green today also means embracing a little luck of the Irish! So I […]

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