Mortgage Q&A with Guaranteed Rate

Finance | Mortgage Q&A by Guaranteed Rate

A conditional approval is issued by your underwriter once the loan file has been reviewed – the review and approval process is nearly the same for both a purchase and refinance. The conditional approval basically states that the loan is approved provided the conditions listed are satisfied. Learn more about the mortgage loan underwriting process. […]

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Guaranteed Rate's Ultimate Neighborhood Give Back WINNER |

Contest | Guaranteed Rate’s Ultimate Neighborhood Give Back WINNER

After weeks of voting and hours of deliberation, Guaranteed Rate has finally picked the winner of their Ultimate Neighborhood Give Back Challenge. To see all of the amazing work that’s being done by community organizations from coast to coast is truly inspiring, so I encourage everyone to visit the full list of the top 50 projects submitted and find one […]

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Find Your Coverage: Homeowners Insurance & Property Types by Guaranteed Rate

Finance | Find Your Coverage with Homeowners Insurance & Property Types

Homeowners insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all product; different types of property will require different types of insurance coverage. When purchasing insurance, it’s important to think about what you might need at that moment and in the future. When shopping for homeowners insurance, speak with your insurance professional to ensure you have the type and amount of […]

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Ty Pennington's Project Spotlight: Guaranteed Rate's Final 6

Contest | Guaranteed Rate’s Final 6

After hours of deliberation, the final six projects for Guaranteed Rate‘s Ultimate Give Back Challenge have been selected. It wasn’t an easy decision people! There were tons of really great projects submitted during the earlier rounds of the competition and we wish we could have given all of them something. But the good news for […]

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Project Spotlight: Guaranteed Rate's Give Back Challenge Finalists

Contest | Guaranteed Rate’s Give Back Challenge Finalists

So this wasn’t an easy decision, but we’ve narrowed down the Ultimate Give Back Challenge to 50 finalists. Hundreds of submissions were entered during the first round, and I have to say, I’m impressed! I love when communities come together to for a great cause, don’t you? Congrats to all of the remaining projects. There are […]

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What You Should Know About Banks, Mortgage Bankers & Brokers by Guaranteed Rate

Finance | What You Should Know About Banks, Mortgage Bankers & Brokers

Shopping for a mortgage can sometimes be frustrating when trying to understand the differences between types of lenders, what they offer and some of the pros and cons of each.  Knowing the facts can not only answer some of your questions, but quell some of the apprehensions you might have when shopping for a mortgage […]

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The Low Down on HARP by Guaranteed Rate

Finance | HARP Home Affordability Refinance Program

You most likely have heard of the HARP program before, but like most people, you may be unclear about if you qualify – or even HOW to qualify. Well that’s where your friends at Guaranteed Rate come in! Not only have we created a free, easy-to-understand eBook all about HARP for you to take a […]

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