Good Eats: Rebecca’s Okra Fritters and Stuffed and Baked Chicken (via

Eat | Rebecca’s Okra Fritters and Stuffed and Baked Chicken

There’s nothing like homemade weeknight dinners that taste as wonderful as they are easy to make. Combining okra, flavorful chicken, and a salad is all you need to knock out the meal and win rave reviews. Okra fritters are nearly addictive and just happen to be one my favorite ways to use the greatest of […]

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Good Eats: Ty Pennington’s Spicy Penne Pasta Recipe

Eat | Ty’s Spicy Penne Pasta Recipe

So far I’ve left the cooking up to the professionals. Rebecca Lang has been doing a great job, but I don’t want you thinking that I can’t master the kitchen myself! Especially since filming “On the Menu” with THE top chef master himself, Emeril. So this recipe is from my kitchen to yours. It’s great for a […]

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Spiced and Smoked Butt | Summer Eats: Rebecca Lang’s Smoked Barbecue

Eat | Rebecca’s Smoked Barbecue

In the summertime, there’s only one way celebrate; with a yard full of family and friends, and a fired-up smoker filled with barbecue. Woodchips, spices, and smoke magically transform a Boston butt into a pitmaster’s dream. Even though families grow and change throughout the years; the barbecue always remains the same. Spiced and Smoked Boston Butt: Makes: […]

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Good Eats: Ty Pennington’s Wild Arugula Salad Recipe

Eat | Ty’s Wild Arugula Salad Recipe

To kickstart a healthy summer, I’ve been scanning through my recipe archives in order to find quick and easy recipes for the season. Luckily, one of my favorite salads is super healthy and easy to make! Anybody love arugula as much as I do? If so, give this recipe a go… Ingredients: Wild arugula Fresh apples (I love […]

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Eat | Healthy Summer Snacking

When I was helping out with the No Kid Hungry campaign, we introduced a little game I like to call “This Vs. That” to help parents make eating fun and healthy for kids. So I’m bringing it back for this edition of summer snacking. 1. Nothing crunches like a good ol’ fashioned bag of potato […]

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Slow Cooker Boeuf Bourguignonne Recipe by Virginia Willis

Eat | Virginia’s Beef Stew

I grew up eating beef stew mama prepared in her slow cooker, rich hunks of meat bathed in dark brown gravy, thickened with flour, and flavored with a generous slug of my grandfather’s homemade wine. She’d make a big batch and we would enjoy it for several nights, each providing a richer, fuller stew with […]

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Fresh Fruit Summer Tart by Virginia Willis

Eat | Fresh Fruit Summer Tart

Summer berries are delicious. Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries are all bursts of beautiful color and flavor. Most often I enjoy them for breakfast in a smoothie or with yogurt. I may have them in a shortcake or cobbler. However, a classic French Fruit Tart is really special… It’s actually very simple, and when all […]

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