Design | Entryways

You never get a second chance at a first impression… and I believe your home should express who you are.  We don’t think about it much, but the first thing you see when you walk in has an impact on how people see actually you.  So I say personalize that space with something that really reflects […]

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Ty Pennington's Predicitions: 2014 Interior Design and Home Trends

Design | 2014 Home Design Trends

Every new year brings new trends. So I guess it’s time to break out my magic 8 ball and share some expertise in design and home interiors. Now I can’t forecast the future exactly, but keep reading for 7 of my predictions to watch in 2014… 1. Kitchen makeovers are a hot topic and many designers […]

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Inspired Interiors: Passion for Plaid | Ty Pennington

Spotlight | Plaid is Rad

Adding seasonal accents to your home can be as simple as a tossing a throw pillow or as transformative as a new piece of winter-inspired furniture. I love incorporating seasonal textiles into my home to give it that extra bit of festive glow, and for me, it’s all about the plaid (aka tartan). There’s just […]

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Seasonal Design: Quick Holiday Decorating Tips by David Brian Sanders

Seasonal | Quick Holiday Decorating Tips

Think outside the box when envisioning your holiday decorating… Garland doesn’t have to be the traditional swag.  Reimagine your trimmings in a modern way. Collect eucalyptus branches or other greenery fresh from your yard. The silvery green you gather with a grouping of gold ornaments, candles and pomegranates makes for an unexpected holiday centerpiece. Switch […]

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7 Natural Holiday Décor Ideas | Ty Pennington

Seasonal | 7 Natural Holiday Décor Ideas

You definitely want to keep the cold out of the house during the winter months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the outdoors in for a natural holiday touch. Here are 7 ways to do it… 1. Pinecones are perfect for the winter season. Since they’re small and lightweight, they work great for hanging […]

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Holiday DIY: Pinecone Garland | Ty Pennington

How To | Painted Pinecone Garland

As much as I love a good DIY project year-round, there is something particularly fun about getting crafty during the holiday season. This submitted DIY project is so simple and quick, but it’s also a nice little seasonal addition any bare credenza, shelf, or even staircase. Supplies: pinecones (as many or as little as you […]

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Fall Botanicals | Ty Pennington

Seasonal | Fall Botanicals

Adding seasonal arrangements both inside and out is an easy way to bring a pop of color into your home décor. (You can also attempt to do some gourd-decor as well with these tips!) So today I thought it would be a good idea to share some ideas that are blooming for fall this year. […]

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